Baby Fuzz Coiffed Afro

Jet-black baby fuzz frames her jaundiced face.

She suckles at my breast, full of grace.


Corkscrew curls bounce with each wobbly step,

Butterfly kisses, hide and seek,


I see you.


Soft ringlets escape her plastic barrettes

Princess pixies, fairy delights

Her hand in mine, fending off monster frights.


A ballerina bun coifed and controlled.

Pearl earrings fixed on elfish ears, earnest poised perfection.

Plié Jeté Demi-plié.


A mane of crowning glory unleashed, concealing straying eyes.

Hopping hormones rage. Friends, fashion fights.

Split ends don each straightened strand.

Bitch, ho, gangster beats repeat.

Her world is half here half there.

She yearns for acceptance, a tweet a pic a post a like.

Burnt, scorched, charred thatch breaks.

She flails lashing out, finding herself


Freedom abound, decisions made, taken away.

Dyed clipped, recalculated.

Flattened, brushed, tamed.

She smiles wanting to know.


Supple wavy strands blow.

Independence reclaimed.

Expansion, eloquent prose.

Adult ways, money, travel health and woes.

Gorgeous tresses amass, an impressive Afro.

Her heart and mind fill with wonder and love.

His touch leaves her wanting more.

Unwavering tresses, random directions flow.

Her belly grows full, her breasts laden with milk.


A shock of licorice black bristle crowns,

a darling girl cries out.

I hold my baby’s newborn joy.

Ebony and ivory

Textures shades.

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