What is CSR?
CSR is a condition which causes temporary or permanent impairment of vision. It usually affects men between 20 - 45 years of age and is associated with stress.

Why does it occur?
A small pool of fluid accumulates under the macula (part of the retina). This typically becomes noticeable when central vision is affected.

The symptoms are loss of sensitivity in dim light, usually in an oval shaped gray or brown area, blurring or distortion of the visual image.
Although the swelling reduces or distorts vision, the effects are usually temporary. Vision generally recovers on its own within a few months.
In the initial stages of CSR, vision may suddenly become blurred and dim.

People with CSR often find that their retinal swelling resolves without treatment and their original vision returns within six months of the onset of symptoms. Some people with frequent episodes may have some permanent vision loss. Recurrences are common and can affect 20% to 50% of people with CSR. While the cause of CSR is unknown, it seems to occur at times of personal or work-related stress.

As CSR usually resolves on its own, no treatment may be necessary. Sometimes laser surgery can reduce the swelling sooner, but the final visual outcome is usually about the same. If retinal swelling persists for more than three or four months, or if an examination reveals early retinal degeneration, laser surgery may be helpful.